Scenes From Vols’ First Day of Spring

Here’s some pictures from Tuesday’s opening session of Tennessee’s fifth spring camp under coach Butch Jones.


5 thoughts on “Scenes From Vols’ First Day of Spring

  1. I did. Working on some content for tomorrow/thursday. Also working to upgrade the site to provide y’all with videos. Had to get permission from the real boss (wife).

    And i will do better on the photo galleries rather than mosaics. As for QD, I didn’t sense uptight as much as “coached up” for what to say. Comments almost identical
    From Larry Scott on The Nation with me to CBJ, JG & QD.

    Got some interesting stuff on both guys coming as well as some other insights.

    I just appreciate y’all letting me know I’m not blogging to an audience of 3: Me, Myself & I.


      1. I’ve honestly been floored; the first 24 hours of my first blog post generated well more than 10k views from like 40+ states and like 3-4 countries. This most recent entry I noticed already had the US, England and Jamaica readers. But my bro-in-law is the tech guru so I let him kind of study those aspects. It’s been interesting. The first two entries I know pushed well beyond 20k PVs.


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