Observations, Scenes from Vols’ ‘Technique Tuesday’ drills

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Tennessee continued its fifth spring camp under head coach Butch Jones Tuesday afternoon on Haslam Field, in a day billed ‘Technique Tuesday’ for the Vols at all positions.

And the day was particularly technique-focused with quarterbacks working on dropbacks, handoffs, play-fakes and more while there were a number of candidates vying for punt return duties — with Cam Sutton, the previous record-setting, sitting merely a few yards behind them beneath a tent looking on as Sutton awaits the NFL Draft.

Offensive linemen working relentlessly at sustaining and driving blocks — arguably the most intense work on block-sustainment that I can recall under Jones.

Defenders worked on fighting off blockers and getting to ballcarriers, a group of tacklers that included linebackers and safeties, among others.

Also in a twist: for the first time ever we saw all offensive position players running through the “thunderburst” chute that simulates running through defenders with a row of tightly hinged plastic arms on each side. Quarterbacks, running backs, wideouts and tight ends performed the chute drill, which also featured a pad-pop from QB coach Mike Canales on the front end and a relentless manager who took a repeated beating as players emerged from the chute on the other end with the pad-thud.

Scheduled to speak after the practice are Butch Jones, Brady Hoke, Daniel Bituli and Tyler Byrd.


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